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Historical Background

This town located in the north bank of JuShuei Stream, in the southeast of Changhua flatland.  On the east, connected with Tianjhong town;

West adjunct with Pitou town; South to Sijhou town; at North is Tianwei town.


According to the rules of health organization of all counties and cities of Taiwan Province, the heath center of Beidou Township was

established in August of 1939 and under the jurisdiction of health yuan of Taichung. Sharing the office with Beidou town district office. 

In October of 1950, after dividing the administrative districts in the county, the name changed to the health center of BeiDou Township and

subordinate of health yuan of Changhua county.  In 1974, it was changed to be under the jurisdiction of the BeiDou District Office.  Moved

to the current address on August 7th, 1985.

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